Carpet Installation

Carpet installation that is done well will not only give you carpets that provide a look you can be proud of but will also extend the life of the carpets.

A poorly installed carpet will be wrinkled, uneven, and have bubbles and bumps. While these may look unappealing, that’s not the only problem – this kind of poor installation can lead to uneven wear, potentially causing holes, rips, and tears.

Similarly, if the carpet is not fastened down correctly, it can slip and shift which will lead to further bubbles and wrinkles. Getting your carpet installation completed correctly the first time is important if you want your carpet to continue looking great and last a long time too.

Deciding to use a professional team of carpet fitters is the right choice if you want to make the most of your investment in a carpet.

Carpet Installation Service Dallas

Carpet Installation Made Simple

If you’ve ever tried to install a carpet yourself, you’ll have an idea of the logistics involved. Carpet can be heavy and making sure it fits tightly around a room that may not be square can be difficult. Our professional carpet installation service will take care of this for you, reducing your stress and just giving you a beautifully installed carpet.

We’ll work safely at all times and be considerate of your needs. Working quickly but with an eye for detail, we’ll professionally install your carpets in any area you require. Jobs of all sizes can be taken on, and we’ll provide the same level of service no matter how small or large they may be.

Our team members are highly trained and have the experience to ensure that your carpet is installed just how you want it to be.

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Professional carpet installation is a swift process that will allow you to start using your new carpet as soon as possible. We’ll make sure that it is installed correctly and smoothly, maximizing the lifespan of the carpet and delivering a result you can be proud of.

To get your carpet installed, call A1 Carpet Services today on 877-598-8777 or email We look forward to hearing from you.