Carpet Stretching

Our carpet stretching service will take your existing carpet and pull it taut so that no bubbles exist within the coverage area. This minimizes uneven wear and extends the life of your carpet.

A carpet that has been fitted well should be smooth and even. There should be no bumps, bubbles, wrinkles or lines. In the first instance, these features can create a trip hazard, but more importantly they will cause your carpet to need replacing before its time.

Any carpet that has bubbles or wrinkles will wear unevenly. As people walk across it, fibers will rub together that shouldn’t, resulting in some sections becoming worn more quickly than others. This patchiness can eventually extend to holes and tears, at which stage the carpet either needs to be repaired or replaced.

Carpet Stretching Dallas

Stretch Service for All Carpets

Every carpet in every room should be fully and professionally stretched to maximize the lifespan of the carpet. We’ll work safely to reduce the disruption and stretch your carpets using the most appropriate tools.

Choosing to stretch a pre-installed carpet will allow it to give you the longest service possible, and our team of skilled and helpful professionals will work to make it a stress-free process. Your carpets will fit well and be safer to walk on when they are stretched as they should be.

Carpet stretching is often neglected in favor of other home improvement and maintenance tasks, but to truly get the best out of your floor coverings you need to ensure they are look after, year after year. If you choose a high quality carpet, you’ll expect it to stand the test of time – professional fitting and carpet stretching when needed are the two best options to give your carpet the opportunity to perform as well as it can.

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Carpet stretching will protect and extend the life of your carpet by reducing uneven wear. A well-fitted carpet will reduce trip hazards and provide great service for many years of constant usage.

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